Thursday, 14 May 2009

Amazon AWS SimpleDB a la carte with ruby and aws_sdb_bare

Among the Amazon Web Services or AWS if you prefer acronyms, SimpleDB is one of the less popular.

I've been using this service it for a while in some personal projects using the aws-sdb, so far the only choice to deal with SimpleDB at a low level.

Since I wanted to overcome some of the limits of aws-sdb I wrote a new gem aws_sdb_bare.
Main feature of the gem are:

* Complete implementation of SimpleDB api
* XML parsing uses Hpricot or Nokogiri

And be free of chosing your HTTP connection library and strategy!

You can use Net::HTTP or curb or go concurrent using eventmachine or typhoeus to manage your connections with sdb

So just install it

sudo gem install hungryblank-aws_sdb_bare -s

And use the code in this gist to get started, rdoc are available.

For a more complete overview of the SimpleDB ruby libraries currently available you should read this article

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